Letter to Calgary Police Service from the Calgary Police Commission

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Dear Calgary Police Service members,

On behalf of the 1.3 million Calgarians we represent, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the work you are doing around the clock to keep all of us safe.

We know that the Calgary Police Service is always at the ready to respond to the greatest of challenges. We have not forgotten how your members worked tirelessly and braved the risks that their jobs require during the 2013 flood and how you eagerly offered assistance during the 2015 Fort McMurray wildfires.

We also know, however, that COVID-19 has challenged our city and country on an unprecedented scale, and that we are asking more of you now than ever before. In working to protect this city, you are facing the additional risks of exposure to the virus. At the same time, you have families and friends whose health and safety weighs on your minds.

This situation is testing the strength and spirit of all of us. Your ability to persevere during this challenge is a source of hope for those around you.

Circumstances like this make it clear that policing is not just a job. Policing is a selfless act of service to your community. It does not go unnoticed.

To the nearly 3000 CPS employees – sworn and civilian – who are playing a vital role supporting our community, we thank you for your service and commitment. And to the family members and friends who are supporting our CPS members, we thank you for your sacrifice.

If we could ask one more thing of you, it would be to take care of yourselves. Stay safe and healthy. Use the wellness supports available and speak up if there is anything else you need.

Your leaders are strong, experienced and well-organized and they are putting the needs of CPS members and the community at the forefront of every decision. You can have confidence that your leaders are highly committed to your safety and wellness. As they continue to work hard to support you, the Commission will have their back every step of the way. We must, and we will, make sure that you have the resources you need to continue to serve our community during this time of crisis.

Like the city itself, Calgary Police Service employees are resilient. Together we will overcome this situation and emerge stronger.

Bonita Croft, Chair – On behalf of the Calgary Police Commission