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The Calgary Police Commission and Calgary Police Service track all citizen complaints and concerns. The Calgary Police Commission monitors the public complaints process; handles complaints regarding the Chief of Police; and handles appeals regarding the policies of, or services provided by, the Calgary Police Service.

Under the Alberta Police Act, the responsibility for the investigation of complaints against Police Service policies and service provided, as well as against specific police officers lies with the Chief of Police. The Police Commission is the civilian body which is empowered to oversee the complaints process, receive complaints against the Chief of Police and act as the appeal body for complaints regarding the policies of, or services provided by, the Calgary Police Service.

The Calgary Police Commission’s Public Complaint Director:

  • Provides an independent review of the citizen complaints process of the Calgary Police Service;
  • Audits the Police Service files of public complaints to ensure investigations are appropriate, fair and thorough;
  • Reports his or her findings directly to the Calgary Police Commission;
  • Makes public presentations to interested groups concerning the complaint process; and
  • Receives complaints from the public.

The purpose of the complaint process is to resolve issues between Calgarians and the Calgary Police Service in a fair, transparent and reasonable manner.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who is concerned about an incident involving a police officer or a policy of, or service provided by, the Calgary Police Service can make a complaint. Complaints may be made on a person’s behalf if the complainant is a minor or has a mental or physical barrier to filing the complaint personally.

What can a citizen complain about?

  • The on-duty actions of the Chief of Police;
  • The on-duty actions of any police officer;
  • The policies of the Calgary Police Service;
  • The service provided by the Calgary Police Service.

Note: Complaints about off-duty conduct may be considered when there is a sufficient connection between the conduct and the police officer’s position.

How is a complaint made?

  • A formal complaint must be in writing and signed by the complainant, if possible.
  • Any individual may contact the Calgary Police Commission or the Calgary Police Service to discuss a concern without putting it in writing.

Where should a complaint be sent?

Complaints can be mailed, emailed or filed online to the Calgary Police Commission, the Professional Standards Section/Citizen Complaints Unit of the Calgary Police Service or the Office of the Chief of Police at:

Calgary Police Commission

Suite 650, 615 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 4T8
Telephone: 403-428-8914

Calgary Police Service

Professional Standards Section #811
Westwinds Campus East Building
5111 47 St NE
Calgary, AB T3J 3R2
Fax: 403-265-9870

File a report online

Calgary Police Service

Office of the Chief
Westwinds Campus East Building
5111 47 St NE
Calgary, AB T3J 3R2

File a report online

Note: Complaints about the Chief of Police should be sent directly to the Calgary Police Commission’s office.

If you decide to mail your complaint, it is recommended that you follow up with a telephone call if you do not get a telephone call or a letter, within a reasonable amount of time, saying that the complaint has been received.

What should be included in a complaint?

  • Place, date and time of incident;
  • Description of what took place and what statement or actions the citizen is concerned about;
  • Names or badge numbers of the police officers involved;
  • Numbers on police vehicles;
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses; and
  • Photocopies of any documents issued during the incident. Do not send original documentation.
  • You may use the following form to assist you in writing out your complaint

Additional Information

For more information on the complaint process, please contact the Public Complaint Director at the Calgary Police Commission or the Professional Standards Section of the Calgary Police Service using the contact information provided above.