Commission Statement on Cst. Dunn Status – July 26, 2021

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Calgary Police Commission
Phone: 403-428-8221

“The video of this violent assault shook us to our core. That Ms. Kafi then lost her life compounds the tragedy of this situation. We too await the outcome of this process with great interest and believe that systemic changes are needed to improve officer accountability and reduce the length of the process.

“Through the Commission’s feedback to the Province regarding reforms to the Alberta Police Act, we have expressed that the legislation and processes that currently exist are insufficient to meet the needs and expectations of Calgarians.

“For example, the Chief is not able to discipline an officer, even following a criminal conviction, without following the steps outlined in s. 45 of the Police Act and the regulations. The steps require an investigation and quasi-judicial hearing. A ‘presiding officer’ (similar to a judge) then evaluates the misconduct and orders appropriate discipline, which could include punishment ranging from a reprimand up to a dismissal. This internal disciplinary process takes place after the criminal process is complete. In the meantime, Cst. Dunn remains relieved from duty without pay.

“While the Commission governs broad direction and priorities for policing in Calgary, we do not have the authority to direct the dismissal of an employee.

“That said, we do have a role to play in restoring trust between CPS and citizens and to help ensure a safe community for all Calgarians. Every encounter between an officer and a citizen is an opportunity to build trust and confidence in the ability of police to serve the community with integrity, fairness and respect.

“The Commission expects CPS to take all available steps to prevent such events in the future. We will also do everything we can as a Commission, including by continuing to advocate to the Province for reforms and ensuring that CPS officers are well-prepared, trained and equipped to serve the community with professionalism.”