Curious About the Police Budget?

Update from the Commission
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Calgary Police Commission
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The Calgary Police Commission and Calgary Police Service (CPS) are pleased to share budget information to increase transparency around the police budget. Transparency is fundamental to questions of accountability between government and citizens, and the Commission and CPS agree it is essential as we work to continue to build public trust.

Part of the Commission’s duty is to ensure that CPS has the resources it needs to keep the city safe. We take seriously our responsibilities to manage finances and deliver value to citizens.

CPS’s strategic plan for the next four years articulates our collective goals – safety & well-being, public trust, equity diversity and inclusion, increased effectiveness, and employee engagement. The resources needed to meet these goals include people, infrastructure, finances, and partnerships.

The information we are sharing provides several ways for the public and our partners to understand the basis for the budgetary needs of CPS.

Our more detailed overview of the police budget provides three views of the 2021-2022 budget:

  • Bureau view – this view shows revenues and expenses by Bureau, which is how CPS is organized internally. It also includes staffing information by Bureau, which is the main driver of CPS’s costs. For each Bureau, the activities and staff levels that drive that cost are presented.
  • Category view – this is a typical “financial statement” view of CPS’s revenues and expenses and includes information on the types of expenses that make up each cost category.
  • Summary infographic – this summarizes significant aspects of the cost drivers for CPS and the work being done, including a list of key projects being undertaken by CPS right now.

By sharing this budget information, we intend to show how CPS is using its financial resources to make progress on our shared goals and build community safety and well-being.

The Commission and the CPS look forward to providing this budget information every time it is updated, as we work together and with the community to improve public safety.